Lensun has won the world-renowned iF Design Award for its screen protector retail package. The packaging won in the Discipline Packaging – Consumer Products category.
The Galaxy S8 S8 plus performed poorly in tests conducted by smartphone insurance firm Square Trade, the screens of both the S8 and S8 plus cracked after a single front-face down drop from a height of six feet.
Since Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007, touch-screen smartphones had begun applied during billions people, became a must-have of modern life.
Are there any designs for cases and screen protectors for edge screens like Galaxy S7 edge that will protect from falling? We’ve all had it happen at one point or another.
So many clients ask us, why can not iPhone 6 protectors make full size
When Lensun Nano screen brought into the market, many customers said yes, that’s the mobile screen protector I’m hunting for! It really amazed me! Why they love lensun Nano screen protector
Are you using tempered glass screen protector? What’s your standard for your screen guard? We have some tests to find the best screen protector. Today Let’s see the test between tempered glass protector and nano screen protector.
Nano film protector is a new product from Lensun, a screen protector with outstanding qualities. Total thickness is 0.35mm. The surface layer is made by PET, 6H hard, while the bottom layer is made by soft TPU polymer Nano-structural material.
Installing well a nano protector is not so much easy, but absolutely can be said it’s a interesting thing and will have much sense of accomplishment when you done it well. Today we can teach you a easy and professional method to install well a screen prot
These days a mobile phone has graduated from being just a communicating device to a man’s best friend. Buying an expensive mobile phone along with a social elevation brings with many anxieties , and one of them is the fear of a scratch on its screen. In c
Many screen guards not only can protect screen well, but not effect anything of the devices, including the touch feeling. Some people especially some families with children, people ardently love outdoor sports need a excellent smartphone screen guard to b
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