Lensun CustomizPro+ Trial Set
Retail Price:$555.00
Only 555USD Get 1 machine + 60 films. You will get gifts value 200USD once reorder.

Ship by DHL and will arrive in 3~7days. Start with Lensun within one week!

Lensun CustomizPro+ is a system that allows retailers (mobile phone shop, retail stores, mobile phone carrier stores, repair shops, and electronics shops etc) 
to cut screen protectors and full body protection skins for any device on demand: phones, tablets, watches, cameras, laptops, and more. 

Lensun CustomizPro+ Machine:

HD clear films *50
Dent healing films *5
Lensun Back Skin Ramdon pictures *5
Lensun Start kits incl:
- Get Lensun cutter blade 5pcs for FREE WORTH US$ 250.00
- Get Lensun blade holder 2pcs for FREE WORTH US$ 100.00
- Get Lensun cleaning cloth 10pcs for FREE WORTH US$ 5.00
- Get Lensun empty 150ml alcohol sprayer 1pcs 
for FREE WORTH US$ 10.00
- Get Lensun empty 200ml solution liquid sprayer 1pcs 
for FREE WORTH US$ 10.00
- Get Lensun Work Mat hexagon 1pcs for FREE WORTH US$ 15.00
- Get Lensun Big Squeegee 1pcs for FREE WORTH US$ 5.00
- Get Lensun Small Squeegee 1pcs for FREE WORTH US$ 2.00
- Get Install Alignment Kit 2pcs for FREE WORTH US$ 4.00
- Get L-shaped Wrench 1pcs for FREE (please find in the box of blades)
- Get Cutting Pad 1pcs for FREE 
- Get Mini Cutting Pad 3pcs for FREE 
- Get Soft Ruler 1pcs for FREE

Benefits by Lensun CustomizPro+

1. ZERO STOCK - One protector for 10000+ models, no need to stock for each model. 

2. SAVE TIME & MONEY - No need to find the protector that out of stock, no waste money on excess inventory.

3. CUSTOM FASHION - Fashion style back skin, OEM your pictures, more options.

4. EXCLUSIVE POLICY - Regional guarantee, first come first served. We protect exclusive distributor's market.

5. EASY TO START - Start a retail business and wholesale business with Lensun CustomizPro+!

HD-B2 Clear Film material features ultra clear, Self-restore Scratches & Smooth. 

Film structure: 3 layers, 183*90mm. Thickness 0.14mm. 
Cut with Lensun mini cutting pad.
Dry or wet install screen protector for phones up to 7.2 inches. For front screen only.
Wet install requires liquid mixing dish soap and water 1:9

Dent Healing Film material features can Heal Dents & Scratches, Super soft to fit curved edges. 

Film structure: 4 layers, 183*110mm. Thickness 0.15mm.
Recommend for expensive curved screen devices up to 7.2 inches. For front screen only.
Especially on the waterfall screen will not peel off. (E.g. Samsung Galaxy S10/S10plus/S10Lite/ Note10/ Note10Plus/S20/S20Plus/S20Ultra, Huawei Mate30Pro/P40Pro etc.)
Dry install only.

OEM Back Skin features Skid Proof, Scratch Resisitant, Anti Fingerprint. 

Film structure: 2 layers, 183*110mm. Thickness 0.15mm. 

Dry install back skin cover sides and corners up to 7.2 inches.

Current Reviews: 8

Receive back skins with my pictures in one week. Fast delivery, great service
Date Added: 01/17/2021 by Carlos Lanch
Get a sample for tablet, my customer just looking for it.
Date Added: 01/15/2021 by White A
Lensun 360 degree protector completely lining cell phone, it's really innovative. Only find Lensun m...
Date Added: 12/08/2020 by Angie
Flawless. Fine with it's perfect sensitivity and incredible protective
Date Added: 12/07/2020 by Ryan G
Lensun nano compound screen protector designed and manufactured by Lensun. Compared to a tempered gl...
Date Added: 12/10/2020 by Andreas Y
Tightened nano screen protector
Date Added: 08/25/2020 by Alex L
To discover the system, see the quality, the follow-up and update of the application, the after-sale...
Date Added: 01/25/2021 by Jérôme Be
I prefer Lensun. Because Lensun machine design is better quality. The material is better. The afte...
Date Added: 12/20/2020 by Amanda



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What models of the nano screen protector do you have?

iPhone 4 4s 5 5s 6 6plus 6s 6splus, 7 7plus, 8 8plus iphoneX.
Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Alcatel, HTC etc.
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