The Lensun 2.8D UV printer can bring to life personalized texts or intricate designs effortlessly.
Leveraging advanced technology, it can directly print patterns onto phone cases within minutes, ensuring high definition, durability, and fast delivery.


Technological Breakthrough:
Patterns can be rapidly printed on phone cases, achieving personalized customization in just 3 minutes!


Featuring both portrait photography and  embossed texture printing modes to meet diverse customer needs.


Compatible with various back cover materials, and it can also print on headphone cases, power banks, and chargers!

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Hong Kong electronic exhibition.
We are one of the biggest exhibitors.


With 17 years of dedicated focus on the mobile accessories industry, Lensun has served over 30+ countries and 50,000+ stores, amassing extensive industry experience.

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Our dedicated customer service promises responses to your queries within 12 hours.

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Backed by a professional design team, we consistently update our image gallery.

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We offer comprehensive support, including exclusive regional agent protection, online promotion, and store or display cabinet design solutions.

See What Our Clients Say about Us

In Mexico's mobile market, Lensun's new UV printer is a game changer. Its ability to customize both skins and cases is unmatched. Truly innovative!
In Germany, where quality matters, Lensun's UV printer stands out. Its high-quality designs are the future of mobile customization. Impressive work, Lensun!
I have been searching for products that combine innovation with practicality. Lensun's new UV printer is a perfect example of this. The vivid and intricate printing effect it achieves on phone cases is simply breathtaking.

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