UV HD Privacy Films

LENSUN UV Curing HD Privacy Screen Protector

● 30° Anti-Peeping

● Smooth as Glass

● Impact Protection

● HD View

● No Cracks, Better Protection

● Fit for Any Phone Model


UV HD Privacy Phone Screnn Protector


Cater to Your Market with Our Innovative Screen Protectors

LENSUN UV Curing HD Privacy Protector is a phone protector that protects your phone’s privacy and has Impact-Proof protection. When the protector finishes vacuum laminating in the UV vacuum lamination machine, its surface touches smooth like glass. Make them extremely durable and scratch-resistant and has HD & crystal viewing so a good privacy screen protector works by only allowing the screen to be visible at a 30-45 degree angle. Anyone further out will just see a dark screen. No cracked edges that hurt hands.

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LENSUN UV HD Privacy Phone Screen Protector

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