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LENSUN Portable Vacuum Laminating Machine

The LENSUN Vacuum Laminating Machine features a powerful vacuum that removes any air bubbles between the screen and the adhesive, ensuring that the screen is properly aligned and bonded to the device’s body. 

With the use of ultraviolet light, the UV curing privacy screen protector is cured quickly and effectively, creating a strong and durable bond between the screen and the device’s body.

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The LENSUN UV Curing Privacy screen protector is a specially designed screen protector that provides both privacy and protection for your device’s screen. 

With a built-in special filter, this screen protector limits the viewing angle to only the person directly in front of the screen, preventing others from seeing what’s on your screen from an angle. It also offers scratch resistance and anti-glare properties, enhancing your viewing experience and protecting your device’s screen from damage.


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