UV Technology

Introducing LENSUN’s latest additions to their product line – UV printer and UV vacuum laminating machine.

These cutting-edge devices combine the latest technology with innovative features to produce high-quality prints and provide durable protection for your phones.


Take your phone to the next level with LENSUN’s new UV printer and UV vacuum laminating machine.



LENSUN  CustomizPro+ UV Printer


● The world’s smallest and cheapest personalized cell phone film UV printer.


● The first one that has embedded 7-inch computer design in the world.


● The first one in the world to solve the smell of UV ink when printing after 24-month hard work and effort on developing a new type pf Nano Sponge which can effectively absorb harmful gases.


● Various types of printing materials to choose: White Paper for UV Printers, Dazzling Glitter, 3D colorful laser, Semi-transparen

Say hello to LENSUN Portable UV Vacuum Laminating Machine. From now on you can always have a fresh Phone screen protector anywhere you go. 


This machine cures your phone screen protector with ultraviolet light, creating a strong, durable bond between the screen protector and the phone itself!

UV06 便携UV固化机 5

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