360° Full Coverage Film

The newly launched 360° full coverage film is an exclusive patented design of Lensun. It’s 3-in-1 design completely protects the phone screen, bezel and rear glass.


Lensun’s strict control of raw materials, dust-free production conditions and production processes enables our full coverage films to exert their maximum performance. Build a reputation for your protective film sales business with our high-quality protective film materials.

  • All-round protection for devices

    All-round protection for devices
  • Featured styles available

    Featured styles available

    Why Buy 360° Full Coverage Film from Us?

    Superior Quality

    The excellent performance of our 360° full coverage film is due to our strict control over raw materials and the entire production process.

    2-year Warranty

    We promise that if there is any quality problem with our 360 full coverage film, we will compensate the corresponding film to you.

    Free Sample Available

    We offer some free samples of  360 full coverage film for you to check if the quality meets your requirements.

    Rapid Response

    Please do not hesitate to contact us. All your questions will be answered by our consultants within 12 hours.

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